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Region 6 - Exhibitors

This is the exhibitors page.

A-1 Awards - www.A-1awards.com

Awards manufacturer.

Contact: Toni Kottlowski
Phone: 800-444-9569
Email: toni@a-1awards.com

AAI - www.americanathletic.com

American Athletic, Inc. has been manufacturing world-class sports equipment since 1954 and our commitment to providing high-quality, high-performance products has remained unchanged.

Phone: 800-247-3978
Email: ASKAAI@americanathletic.com

Athletics, ICC. - www.athleticsicc.com

Provide Assistance for Insurance Coverage and Claims Coordination. Provide Risk Management through Compliance & Consulting.

Contact: Wendy Martin
Phone: 717-371-1868
Email: wmartin@athleticsicc.com

Carolina Gym Supply - www.carolinagym.com

Manufacturer of gymnastics matting, floors, carpets. Dealer for major brands of apparatus.
Contact: Ben Edkins
Phone: 919-732-6999
Email: info@carolinagym.com

DGS - www.gymsupply.com

DGS manufactures & distributes professional & personal equipment for gymnastics, ninja & Parkour.

Contact: John Deary
Phone: 800-932-3339
Email: info@gymsupply.com

Dream Big Athletics - www.dreambigathletic.com

Leotards, uniforms and apparel.

GK Elite Sportswear - www.gkelite.com

The world’s leading gymnastic apparel manufacturer.

Contact: Kelly Christman
Phone: 800.345.4087
Email: custserv@gkelite.com

iClassPro - www.iclasspro.com

iClassPro is the world’s leading class management software solution for the gymnastics industry. We continually work to provide the highest-quality product and service to help you manage all facets of your business, including classes, students, coaches, payments, and more!

Contact: Ray Smale
Phone: 877.554.6776
Email: sales@iclasspro.com

Jackrabbit Class - www.jackrabbitclass.com

Jackrabbit leads the gymnastics industry with fast and reliable class management software.  Live demos and free trials.  EliteScore meet solutions.

Contact: Laura Thomas
Phone: 704.895.4034
Email: shows@jackrabbittech.com

JKLM Designs - www.jklmdesigns.com

Affordable custom designed and fitted gymnastics apparel. Proudly manufactured in the USA. Pro Shop information available.

Contact: Mary Ann Olson
Phone: 610.391.9227
Email: JKLMDesign@aol.com

Mancino MFG. Co., Inc. - www.mancinomats.com

Your premier safety padding source since 1966.

Contact: Tom Bair
Phone: 800.338.6287
Email: tbair@mancinomats.com

MeetMaker - www.meetmaker.com

Online Gymnastics Meet/Clinic/Dues Registration Payment.

Contact: Jason Braun
Phone: 336-939-6338
Email: contact@meetmaker.com

Ozone Gymnastics Apparel - www.ozoneleos.com

Ozone is an innovative gymnastics apparel company specializing in competitive leotards, practice wear, warm-ups, and accessories.

Contact: Courtney Blake
Phone: 888-479-4011
Email: customerservice@ozoneleos.com

Resilite Sports Production - www.resilite.com

Mats and padding.
Contact: Scott Roth
Phone: 800.843.6287
Email: scott@resilite.com

Spieth America - www.spiethamerica.com

Gymnastics and Sports Manufacturing.

Contact: Cassandra Bokleman
Phone: 517-999-8230
Email: c.bokleman@spiethamerica.com

Tumbl Trak - www.tumbltrak.com

Innovative products brought to you by a company dedicated to helping young athletes train smart.
Contact: Tammy Berry
Phone: 800.331.4362
Email: sales@tumbltrak.com